Clinical Supervision and Consultation Group

Audience: New Practitioners who need qualifying supervision hours, Practitioners who want group interaction and support from other practitioners.

Topics: Practitioners take turns presenting challenging cases for discussion and feedback by both group and facilitator. Group topics are flexible and may include particular clinical subjects or on individual cases.

Schedule: Groups are forming now! Please call for schedule.

Clinical Group

Audience: For persons with a comfort level of sharing personal work in a group format. Group size limited to six.

Topics: Participants share personal experiences for discussion and feedback from the group and the facilitator. The object is to benefit from the group energy for personal healing. Participants support one another outside of the therapeutic process, creating a warm, safe environment where deep work can occur as trust in the group develops. Possibilities include exploring re-parenting, womb surrounds, re-defining attachments.

Schedule: Weekly in 12 week increments.

Dream Group

Audience: For persons who wish to learn to connect with the psyche through dream exploration. Group size limited to eight.

Topics: Introduction to Jungian terminology that is used to describe aspects of the psyche to create a common language for the group to use during discussion. Participants are requested to keep a journal describing their dreams either in art or language and then take turns sharing dream content in a group format. Dreams are creatively explored in a curious, playful manner that encourages discussion and promotes an understanding of our deeper self.

Schedule: Weekly in six week increments.

Available Classes

• Attachment Therapy and the Self-Attachment Sequence
• Adding Sandplay Therapy to your Practice
• Parenting the Resistant/Aggressive Child
• Pre-Marital Counseling
• Bringing a Child into your Life
• Blended Family Dynamics
• Effective Parenting (offered by child age groups)
• Spiritual Mentorship

I have experience with a wide variety of ritual and ceremony and have witnessed many different orientations and spiritual expressions. I am pleased to offer services in:

• Conducting Rite of Passage ceremonies for birth, adolescence and adulthood.
• Grief/loss exploration (death of a significant other, including abortion).
• Life Commitment ceremony (conception of a child, adoption, marriage).
• Initiation focusing on Addiction Recovery

Please contact me for information about rates and scheduling.