Peri and Perinatal Psychology

Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology is based on the scientific evidence that we are aware and conscious beings from our earliest moments. We absorb information from our surroundings within the womb, during birth and of course throughout our lives, but our earliest experiences imprint our subconscious and our nervous system in a tangible way. These earliest moments of awareness are the time when we build the foundations of our health, emotional being and our future interpersonal relationships. Thus, any shock or trauma that occurs during this critical period of development has a profound effect on our well being later in life.

The healing process offered by Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology involves an increasing awareness of one’s nervous system reactions to everyday stresses. Sometimes this is as simple as a fear of public speaking, but it may also be more intense. Wherever the nervous system enters into a fight/flight response is where awareness can be heightened. Over time, as awareness increases, the possibility of healing is realized as we gain the skills and ability to repair our early belief systems.

As early belief systems are challenged, we are able to view stressful situations with a new perspective that incorporates a knowledge of the early wound and a conscious choice to experience the situation differently.

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