Contemplative Psychology

Contemplative Psychology utilizes Eastern philosophies and Western psychology to help us understand our own minds, emotions and motivations. Through the practice of meditation and mindfulness we develop a set of life skills that supports us in improving our quality of life and enables us to relate to those around us with greater wisdom and compassion.

The therapy cultivates an awareness of our body during moments we feel triggered so that we can stop the cycle of action-reaction and instead create a safe distance where we can discover what is taking place with more clarity. As our mind and body awareness increases, we can identify somatic cues such as a quickening heartbeat or fluttering stomach that signal the need to pause and reflect before speaking and acting.

The journey of self-discovery brought to us by Contemplative Psychology can bring us to very vulnerable places. The therapeutic process is very rewarding, however, as we become less reactive and more conscious of what is transpiring both within and around us. We truly can experience life with confidence and open acceptance, both the delights and the sorrows.