Healing Arts

My early experience in traditional therapy left me dissatisfied with the healing process. As I matured as a therapist, I was drawn to the healing arts as a way to integrate spirituality into the therapeutic process, offering deeper meaning and a more direct access to wholeness.

The Healing Arts are a vehicle for entering into a deeper relationship with our inner wholeness. This wholeness requires a discovery of hidden parts of our self that are constantly trying to be revealed. The revealing is actually a series of clues that are offered to us in our day to day life as well as in our dreams, but our awareness is often dim. Learning to recognize and listen to these clues and interpret their meaning to us as individuals is the goal of the Healing Arts.

I believe each of us has experienced threats that were so traumatic that we thought we could die at a time when we were helpless and needed protection. Our reaction to this trauma is to form a pattern of acting and reacting in ways that repeat the pain. This repetition is a healthy expression of our inner need to overcome and be whole.