Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is based on the theory that living tissue emanates specific rhythms that can be felt by sensitive, trained hands. Craniosacral therapists listen to the body’s rhythms, tapping into the deepest foundations of health and healing.

The therapy begins with the fully clothed client reclining on the table. A dialog then occurs with the therapist to negotiate boundaries, establish contact with inner resources and determine the level of contact that will allow the client to remain relaxed throughout the session. Together, a safe environment is established where healing can occur.

The therapist begins the session by first connecting internally with her own health and body rhythms and then with a light touch connects with the client’s body’s inner rhythms. Using a unique sensing ability, the therapist can feel the body’s deepest imprint of health as well as any imprints of shock or trauma that the body is physically holding.

As the therapist listens quietly to the client’s rhythms, the body’s inherent intelligence of its own health emerges. In this way, the therapist facilitates the client’s system to access its own resources, offering new possibilities for the system to move towards a higher state of health.

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