Sandplay is a therapy where children and adults approach their inner world through play with sand, water, and a variety of miniatures. The sand tray is designed to enhance focus and concentration and encourages the psyche’s uninhibited expression. The tray has a painted blue bottom and enables the individual to dig down to the depths or build up to the heights.

The miniatures are representative of the internal and external world such as trees, stones, animals, fairytale figures, multi-cultural religious figures, buildings, vehicles, etc. Each individual moves at his/her own pace and might place figures in the sand or simply move and shape the sand until a sense of completion is felt. Within the trust and acceptance of the therapeutic relationship, a panorama is created that represents a moment of great importance from the inner world as expressed by the unconscious.

The healing potential of Sandplay comes from the process of creating the sand picture. The picture is not interpreted during the process, rather the creative energy is held for a time by both the therapist and the individual, allowing the experience to deepen over time. An energy results when we interact with the Sandplay process that can create spontaneous healing at an unconscious level.

• The essence of Sandplay is non-verbal and symbolic.
• Individual Sandplay sessions create an awareness of symbols that are meaningful to the person who created it. These symbols may be recognizable in daily life as well as in subsequent Sandplay sessions.
• Sandplay creates a momentum that impacts the quality and depth of dreams and eventually impacts our sense of who we are.

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