In my over 30 years experience providing mental health care, I have grown developmentally and my interests have followed a similar path of development. In my family I took on the role of peacemaker between my parents and siblings and this created an internal motivation to continue to helping others as my life’s work.

In my practice today, I take an individualized approach to therapy, allowing the client to set the tone. Before launching into deep work, I make sure the client feels emotionally safe and possesses the family support to process the work we do. I work carefully with clients to build awareness of their natural tendency toward greater health and allow that inner wisdom to guide the work.

Therapy is not always about intense work. My sessions with clients take on a rhythm that consists of deep work, followed by a period of integration where the client takes some time to become comfortable with surrendering old beliefs and patterns. Each of us struggle uniquely along the path of growth and the rhythm of therapy will follow the individual’s lead. The path is sometimes smooth and other times rocky.

I like to say that my practice reflects the world in all its diversity. I enjoy working with clients of all ages, stages of life, varying cultural backgrounds as all these weave into a full experience for me as a therapist giving me breadth and enriches me personally.

My wide experience working with clients of different ages has given me an entire repertoire of healing strategies to work from. I am able to work with children through both directed and non-directed play, as well as work with adults and couples to heighten their awareness of their internal and external expressions